The Funeral

To everybody who knew and loved Billy. The funeral has been confirmed and will be taking place on the 2nd of February 9-am at:

East London Cemetery
Hermit Road ( of Barking Road)
E13 0HB

So please come along and pay your respects to one of the greatest persons who roamed this earth and filled our hearts with joy.

No I insist

When i was sent these two pictures, i was told that Susan was taking a picture of a Roa when Billy jetted up and just couldn't resist on insisting to have his photo taken. Just as-well because he is looking crisp. Thank you Susan for sending these over.


Even them christian girls couldn't stay away..

The legend

Enough said.....

Kim Thue

Billy had a wide range of friends that did very creative things. Here are a few photos of Billy by Kim Thue. His work is very intense and mind blowing and most of all very inspirational.

checking out his portfolio on line is a must.

Billy and I

This picture was taken towards the end of the summer. We were just kicking about smoking some doobies.


We will never know the secret to Billy's pimpin ways, and if we did the world as we know it would probably end.